«I’ve always thought that the skill of a true craftsman lies in their unique ability to create something starting from what they know and have learned to do with their hands. But a true craftsman, with a capital ‘C’, is someone who can also imagine and create new forms. And here it is the person that counts far more than the craftsman: their passion for their work, their desire to experiment and their courage to dare, all of these are crucial. When someone asks me about my father, Vincenzo, they always do so because of his unique skills as a tailor. That’s understandable, of course, since he’s recognised by everyone as having written an important chapter in the history of Neapolitan and international tailoring, with the first ever, now famous, unstructured jacket. But I like to remember him as someone who knew how to listen to people, who loved to listen to his customers’ needs in order to find solutions for them. And that’s how his famous jacket came about: to meet the comfort needs that the heavier, more rigid English jackets could not satisfy in a city with a completely different climate from the London one».

Cesare Attolini

«So our past history and the history we are writing every day is a story of authentic tailoring excellence. What inspires our everyday work and that of our tailors is the desire to give shape each day to garments that are unique, each one genuinely hand-made, yet all united in a striving for perfection and an idea of timeless elegance. Our father and grandfather contributed important chapters at first-hand to the history of the Neapolitan and Italian school of tailoring. As third generation members of the family, we know that we are cherishing a unique heritage of expertise, a true heritage to be jealously preserved and skilfully given relevance in today’s world.

That’s why those who choose our products do so not simply because they appreciate the aesthetics, but also, and perhaps especially, because they appreciate the personalized, manual work ethic that gives it its true value. We are and always want to be a stronghold, a bastion of defence for authentic craftsmanship against standardization and mass production. Without compromises, without shortcuts, driven only by the pride of seeing our tailoring take shape every day in garments that have a soul».

Massimiliano Attolini


«This vision carves out a long path, and once again we wanted to surround ourselves on our journey with partners who also excel in fine Italian expertise and creativity, to give our idea of elegance a shape for the next Spring-Summer season. We are taking a narrative approach, full of ideas and inspirations but also with important content: it’s an approach that doesn’t focus so much on the formal display of clothes as on a journey through history, culture, art, architecture and folklore.

And after the story of our Spring-Summer 2017 collection that followed the sinuous curves of the Amalfi coast, with the collaboration of that master of fine Italian cuisine, Alfonso Iaccarino, we’re now going into the heart of a UNESCO heritage region, the renowned and undisputed home to the world-famous Sicilian Baroque, amid the timeless beauty of jewels such as Syracuse, Noto, Modica, Ragusa Ibla and Caltagirone.

To explore unforgettable places and the world of big, small, and always unique master craftsmen: a fitting and authentic expression of the best Italian expertise. We hope you enjoy it».

Giuseppe Attolini


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Attolini is a synonym of Naples’ tailoring tradition all around the world. In the past as nowadays, three generations since 1930, it forges exclusive elegance and craftsmanship. Uncompromised expression, of an absolute quality, unique culture based on knowhow, untimely personalisation and charm.

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