Cesare Attolini is connected to Apulia by a very strong thread. This is the Apulia of majestic olive trees, picture-perfect villages, and traditional craft and rural farming skills.

It is a thread that runs from the hands of our tailors to those of the wise farmers who look after these ancient trees and fruit, treating them with the deepest respect. The result is a product envied the world over: the most exquisite oil. Both bear the stamp of daily toil and both reveal wisdom. Wisdom indeed, because this unique knowledge and skill goes beyond simply protecting and reviving these two immense symbols of Italian heritage.

We could describe aesthetics as the subjective (but shared) perception of our connection to nature, a deep and balanced dynamic harmony. And we could describe ethics as the subjective and intersubjective ability to imagine and then take action so that we keep that connection to nature healthy and balanced. Both are two sides of the same coin that sit in the pockets of the two remarkable superstars you will read about in the following pages.

Cesare Attolini has managed to preserve a timeless male aesthetic by upholding the weighty ethics of a manual craft (tailoring). Cascina Brancati has managed to preserve this unique place by upholding the weighty ethics of manual work (farming).

The first unstructured jacket in the history of male elegance against a backdrop that includes Apulia’s oldest olive tree. Both express a vision that is deeply rooted in the human condition: creating beauty out of what is good and fair.

The first dates back to 1930 and is the product of Vincenzo Attolini’s creativity and talent. The second was planted, at a guess, over 3000 years ago by the Messapians. The unique and distinctive features of the first were perfected and then fiercely guarded for decades by Cesare Attolini, Vincenzo’s son, and then his grandsons Massimiliano and Giuseppe, who now run the tailor’s shop in Casalnuovo on the outskirts of Naples. The second was looked after and fiercely guarded like a relic for centuries by the farm’s owners. For the last 200 years this has been the Rodio family, led today by Corrado Rodio.

Two incredible stories meet under Apulia’s glorious blue skies, sparking a tale of timeless beauty.

Happy reading!