“Whenever I’m asked about my father, Vincenzo, it’s always in relation to his unique tailoring skills. It’s understandable, of course, as he is acknowledged as having written, with the first ever, now famous, deconstructed jacket, a very important chapter in the history of Neapolitan and international tailoring. But in view of the story relayed over the next few pages, I personally like to remember him for another reason: his great love of art. Above all, for the 19th Century Neapolitan school of art. This, his sensibility, his inherent propensity for the beautiful, for perfection and precision, beyond the extraordinary heritage of his technical teachings, is what most marked my training as a man and as a tailor, and is what I wanted to pass on to my children, who run Cesare Attolini today”.
Cesare Attolini

“Our horizon, what guides us every day, is what defines the limits of excellence and knowledge, intended as the culture of knowhow. It is what takes shape thanks to the painstaking work of our tailors’ hands and becomes unique garments that however all share the same striving for perfectionism, for absolutely authentic tailoring. Our grandfather and our father wrote important chapters of the history of the Neapolitan and Italian school of tailoring.

We know that we, the representatives of the third generation of our family, preserve unique knowhow, an idea of beauty and elegance that is timeless, that transcends the dialectic of fashion, in which a community without borders composed of the world’s most refined men recognizes itself.

Men who not only appreciate the aesthetics of the garments they wear, but also the ethic of manual, customised creation, which reflects their value. We are and will always be a stronghold, a bastion in defence of authenticity, of taking your time, against standardisation and serialisation. Without compromise, without shortcuts, fuelled solely by the pride of seeing our tailor-made garments take shape every day, garments that have a soul”.
Massimiliano Attolini

“It is precisely for these reasons that we constantly shy away from the error of banalising or running into sterile and stereotyped clichés, for these reasons that we have chosen to communicate using pregnant, authentic, timeless language.

Capable of expressing our exclusivity and excellence through a narrative approach loaded with suggestion and inspiration but also with relevant content. For the last four years, each time we have presented our twice-yearly style collections, we have chosen to set our photo shoots in fascinating places, places where other outstanding, authentic, very high quality Italian products come to life.

And so, for our Spring-Summer 2019 collection, we were attracted by the appeal of an iconic location, famous for its marble, unique the world over, and the birthplace of some of the most famous sculptures that history has ever seen: Carrara, with its quarries, its artisan workshops and artists’ studios that also spill over into the nearby town of Pietrasanta. A tale dense with natural, scenic and artistic beauty. Happy reading”.
Giuseppe Attolini