Cesare Attolini lands on the Bosphorus.

Following the opening of its flagship stores of Naples and New York, and its boutique of Baku, Cesare Attolini opens its fourth monobrand store in Istanbul, within the elegant shopping district of Nisantasi. Timeless, made in Cesare Attolini elegance – well known and appreciated in the fascinating Turkish capital since a long time now by the many fans as the best and most authentic made in Naples sartorial expression – is increasingly present in one of the most dynamic capitals of the Middle East, thanks to the partnership with Demsa Group – among the major players in the Turkish fashion and luxury retail market. Thus, the brand development pathway and meaningful culture underlying each made in Cesare Attolini garment is due to continue: the very combination of knowledge and unique manual know-how underlies each and every garment indeed.


Matching tradition and absolutely contemporary sartorial taste, the boutique will display the exclusive prêt-à-porter items, exclusively handmade by 130 tailors at Casalnuovo’s lab, including the distinctive outerwear – famous destructured jackets, suits and coats – as well as elegant shirts and fine ties. Total look is completed with knitwear and sportswear lines. Needless to say, designed for true connoisseurs, all is finished with an inevitable custom-made garment area, marked by Cesare Attolini’s DNA.


“Ours is a mature audience, well-evolved both in terms of taste and in terms of technical knowledge of our garments,” states Vice President Giuseppe Attolini. “True lovers and connoisseurs are those we wish to dedicate this exclusive 120 square meter boutique to. Its interior design deliberately recalls Via Filangieri’s boutique of Naples, thanks to parallel atmospheres marked by an exclusively refined, yet discreet, atmosphere.


“Cesare Attolini suggests a downright microcosm in the heart of Istanbul” – enthusiastically explains President Massimiliano Attolini. “Greek literature has witnessed how coeval collective memory had internalized a cultural custom that was alien to us, referring to the Terrestrial Globe using two different names: and Ctòn. The first noun indicated a clear approach: the Earth as evident and purely self-expressive. The other conveyed fruitful depth: the Earth as a universe to be approached critically in its complex matter, from its very roots to its heart, for it to be comprehended. Likewise, we wish this boutique to not only appear as a showcase overlooking the Bosphorus, despite its prestige, but also a resourceful venue designed for our national and international admirers. This venue shall enable thorough understanding of the valuable handwork of our 130 tailors, who work daily at Casalnuovo’s lab: a place to share style and live the fascinating experience of customizing one’s own idea of elegance.


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Attolini is a synonym of Naples’ tailoring tradition all around the world. In the past as nowadays, three generations since 1930, it forges exclusive elegance and craftsmanship. Uncompromised expression, of an absolute quality, unique culture based on knowhow, untimely personalisation and charm.

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