History. Simple Great Stories. AW 16/17

“My father often told me anecdotes about the interminable discussions he had with the great Totò about art and opera. They were great friends! They argued a lot and shared a deep love for 19th century Neapolitan art. Totò would often come to visit him in his tailor’s shop in Via Vetriera. He liked watching him at work, conducting long conversations with him as he did so. There were nearly always some paintings around in the tailor’s shop, because sometimes clients who knew about this passion of my father’s would offer to pay for his work with a collector’s piece. Sometimes he would stop suddenly in the middle of his work, put the scissors or needle down on the bench and go up to some painting resting against the wall, to look at it in minute detail. Everyone knows and remembers Vincenzo Attolini as the tailor who rewrote the rules of masculine elegance, creating the first unlined jacket in history, nowadays commonly referred to as the Neapolitan style, but I will always remember him through the scores and hundreds of anecdotes and stories that he told me and that I witnessed at first-hand. I’ll never forget what he taught me, and the most important of all the values he inculcated in me: to do my work with passion, never choosing easy shortcuts and fully accepting the weight of the sacrifices that this work involves. To think of every jacket as a small work of art, something unique. Quite simply, this is the story of our tailor’s shop and the story of our family.”
– Cesare Attolini –

A heritage that the whole world envies
“Every day, when we’re not travelling around the world to meet our clients, we spend our time here in the tailor’s shop, side by side with our tailors. Everything comes via our heads and our hearts to reach their skilful hands. Attolini is synonymous with Neapolitan tailoring, and our grandfather and father wrote some important chapters in the history of this prestigious school of Italian expert craftsmanship. We represent the third generation of the family and we know that this is a legacy to be cherished, a heritage of skills that we cannot lose, but that, on the contrary, we must continue ceaselessly to enhance. We know that we can only contribute our own new chapters in this history of success that began back in the 1930s, if we go on believing that every jacket, every suit, every coat, every garment that comes out of our tailor’s shop, brings and will always continue to bring with them those distinctive values of uncompromising quality, authentic tailoring, timeless elegance and a distinctive character. We hold in our hands an inestimable heritage of skills that our grandfather Vincenzo transmitted to our father, Cesare, and that has come down to us in an even more perfect form, a legacy that is envied around the world and that makes our garments unique, just as the experience of wearing them is unique.”
– Massimiliano Attolini –


Distinctive elegance rooted in Cesare Attolini’s DNA
“It’s for these reasons that we constantly strive to avoid the mistake of trivializing or falling into sterile and stereotyped clichés. Our garments have always expressed an idea of distinctive elegance, rooted in the Cesare Attolini DNA and authentically timeless. To enhance this image we have chosen a language of communication that is authentic and timeless at the same time. We started from the awareness that few other countries apart from Italy can boast such a unique heritage of excellence in all fields of skills and expertise. It is definitely this propensity for creativity, in all its forms, that represents the best of Italian expression, capable of entrancing the whole world. But the story of Italian creativity is made up of lots of individual stories, as simple as they are great. Stories of skilled talents and families able to pass down a unique expertise from generation to generation. So for the presentation of each of the two annual style collections, we came up with the idea of setting them within a photographic account of the fascinating places where other leaders in authentic top quality Italian craftsmanship make their products. Following the story of the Spring-Summer 2016 collection, set on the shores of Lake Como with the collaboration of the Ernesto Riva shipyard, for the Autumn-Winter 2016 collection we became intrigued by the eternal language of art in the heart of Piedmont, between Tortona and the Langhe area, with two unique protagonists: Gabba Antichità, a fine quality workshop specializing in art restoration, and the San Maurizio Luxury Spa Resort in Santo Stefano Belbo. Enjoy your read.”
– Giuseppe Attolini –



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Attolini is a synonym of Naples’ tailoring tradition all around the world. In the past as nowadays, three generations since 1930, it forges exclusive elegance and craftsmanship. Uncompromised expression, of an absolute quality, unique culture based on knowhow, untimely personalisation and charm.

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