History. Simple Great Stories.

In the book of History, you will find it written that some 85 years ago, a young tailor, Vincenzo Attolini, created a revolutionary new jacket in Naples, in his workshop in Via Vetriera. A garment that had never been seen before, that completely blew that idea of stuffy English elegance, prevailing at the time, out of the water. In an instant, British-style jackets, with all their structural, formal rigidity, ended up looking like something out of the Jurassic period. The jacket made by this young tailor was disarmingly simple. Away with the padding, away with the shoulder pads, away with the linings: it was a revolution! No one had ever been so daring! A garment that, during the sixties, was still considered alternative, was finally consecrated as a paradigm of sophistication in the nineties. Definitively rewriting the canons of western male elegance, creating a new harmonious imago fluens of contemporary man.

vincenzo-attolini-history-simply-great-storiesBut in the stories that Vincenzo told to his son Cesare, which Cesare in turn told and still tells to his sons Massimiliano and Giuseppe, there was another type of narration. And yet it was the same. The protagonists were, of course, his many, many customers who, just to be elegant, put themselves through hell, wearing jackets made from heavy fabrics, with weaves packed with linings and padding. In Naples, where the climate was much milder than it was over the Channel! Customers to whom he simply tried to offer an answer, a sort of practical solution if you will. A soft jacket as lightweight as a shirt. So imperfect that each one adapted to the imperfections of each customer.

Not aiming to and, above all, never imagining that he would end up writing a short chapter in the history of Western clothing.

And, if what is written in the book of history can never be erased nor, in all probability, changed, beyond futile attempts at falsification, what is due now is to carry on passionately feeding the collection of those fascinating stories that Cesare, Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini continue to write every day, just thanks to their jackets and their unique garments!

<<It’s a well-known fact: my father Vincenzo wrote the history of Western tailoring. To make his customers’ clothes more comfortable, he dared to question the British model, putting a veritable revolution in motion,>>, Maestro Cesare Attolini says with a passionate tone. <<He managed to make a jacket that is as soft and lightweight as a shirt or a cardigan, introducing many other technical innovations, which from that moment onwards became the distinctive trait of the Neapolitan tailoring school. We have drawn on his teachings, rewriting the story of that first creation every day in order to ensure that each of our jackets and items of clothing is always the most suitable for each of our customers and their contemporary lifestyle>>.

massimiliano-attolini-history-simply-great-stories-2<<Ours is simply the story of a family that has always worked with great passion and deep-rooted ethical awareness. We firmly believe that our history is inevitably the one we write with the choices we make every day, in tailoring, following in the footsteps of the values and wealth of expertise that our grandfather Vincenzo and our father Cesare have passed on to us: excellence, absolute quality, authentic craftsmanship, creativity, timeless elegance,” says Massimiliano Attolini, speaking honestly and truthfully. “We love to think that it is the quality of our garments, the fact that they are imbued with value, that tells our story. It is for this reason that we really wanted to create a new route for our communication, which bases its insight on the idea that our history is made up of stories of simple men, able to give life to ideas, products, actions, each in every area able to make their mark on the course of events.”>>.


giuseppe-attolini-history-simply-great-storiesEchoing his brother, Giuseppe Attolini continues: <<There aren’t many countries in the world other than Italy that can boast such unique heritage, characterised by excellent products in all areas of knowledge and know-how. Without doubt, it is this propensity for creativity in all its forms that represents the best Italian expression, able to charm the whole world, from west to east, thanks to pure Italian talent and the unique nature of its expressions.
But the history of Italian creativity is made up of many individual stories, as simple as they are great. Stories of talented experts and families able to pass down unique know-how from generation to generation. And so, during the presentation of each of the two annual style collections, we imagined setting the photographic story in the fascinating places where the products of other excellent protagonists of authentic, pure Italian quality come to life. And we are pleased that, for this first opportunity, we have been able to do this with Luce, an extraordinary wine in terms of its history, innovation, absolute quality, the result of a revolutionary idea from Vittorio Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi and produced in Montalcino under the excellent leadership of the Marquis Lamberto Frescobaldi.>>.



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Attolini is a synonym of Naples’ tailoring tradition all around the world. In the past as nowadays, three generations since 1930, it forges exclusive elegance and craftsmanship. Uncompromised expression, of an absolute quality, unique culture based on knowhow, untimely personalisation and charm.

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