The timeless elegance of Cesare Attolini for next fall-winter 2017/18

A deep-rooted idea of style.
Contemporary appeal.
Authentic craftsmanship.

The style narrative that Cesare Attolini is presenting for Fall-Winter 2017/18 gives full expression to all the meaningful, distinctive values that have always been essential elements of the brand’s cultural matrix. The savoir faire passed down from generation to generation, from the creation of the first unstructured jacket by Vincenzo Attolini in 1930 that came to be known over the decades as the “Neapolitan style”, has been nourished by an invaluable heritage of artisan skills thanks to the creative genius of Cesare Attolini and an idea of timeless elegance, revived season after season by Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini.

The whole collection is the culmination of a significant work of research, carried out over the last few years by Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini, with the help of their most loyal British suppliers, and it is thanks to this that Cesare Attolini can boast absolute exclusives this season in terms of the finest, ancient fabrics. These become feather light as a result of that unlined construction that has become a byword for this Neapolitan fashion house.


The centrepiece of the collection is the suit, one of many versions offered, in the finest wool.

It draws its inspiration from the iconic image of British elegance. Shades of opaque grey with touches of blue and light beige, in a refined, barely perceptible pattern of tone-on-tone checks. Three piece. With the classic Attolini-school jacket, and waistcoat with shawl lapels.

This elegant style has made a successful comeback in recent years, offered here with a contemporary look. A pocket square with delicate micro patterns and tie with a delightful rhombus motif. Trousers with unique expertly crafted micro-tailoring.

The side adjuster, in perfect coherence with the tenets of British and Neapolitan style, means that it is not necessary to wear a belt. Inevitably, free rein is given to the imagination inspiring the patient work of the Cesare Attolini tailors. Their slow manipulation of this noblest of fabrics, stitch by stitch.


The sports jackets are the stars of the collection. Exclusive, fine, ancient fabrics: especially Shetland, Tweed and Raw Wool. Dense, three-dimensional weaves, yet unbelievably soft to touch and light to wear, with the unstructured manufacture, needless to say, in accordance with the precepts laid down from generation to generation.

Prince of Wales and houndstooth checks. Bright colours, from the different shades of green – still bursting with personality – to the more unusual shades of grey, and livelier colours such as Bordeaux and rust also making their mark.

There’s no room here for the commonplace, nor for the futile pursuit of passing trends.

Just the distinctive style of the Cesare Attolini label, which always offers the very best of itself in its men’s suits and jackets. Classic and contemporary at the same time. Iconic, because it manages to resist the typicality of every epoch and its fashions, instead setting out its own idea of style in every creation. By the same token, the suits are characterized by elegant understatement. Micro patterns, pinstripes. Shades of grey and blue predominate. Pure, timeless elegance. Single-breasted jackets or double-breasted, full of personality.


The coats stand out for their lightness, comfort and perfect wearability at the same time. Completely unlined and unstructured. Plain or Prince of Wales, houndstooth, or mini-checks. Unique with their special added touches of old-world charm.

And of course the Cesare Attolini DNA permeates the line of outerwear, too. Classic models, enhanced with fabrics and patterns featuring Prince of Wales plaids and checks, typically used in the famous jackets. One of the most unique and highly exclusive pieces is the wool and cashmere padded jacket, with a padding made up of goose down mixed with fine tufts of cashmere.


The brand’s elegance is expressed with maximum verve in its matching line of three-dimensional patterned knitwear, full of personality. The line has a youthful look and a softness of feel matched by the lightness of wearing them, though without being at all superfluous. Classic colours, made unique by the striking, sculpted weaves, are combined with livelier colours. They come with turtle, shawl or crew necks, to be worn with different types of jacket or simply by themselves with sporty-style trousers. There’s a wide range of exquisite, finely tailored inserts, especially in fine suede.

The entirely handmade, five-pocket trousers are particularly noteworthy, with a sporty look, featuring micro patterns and check motifs in warm colours.

The shirts are plain so that they can be worn with sports jackets or more formal suits, and come with wool and cashmere ties, with the most classic patterns as well as more feisty, sporty micro designs.

Free. Impeccably stylish. Timeless. Custom-made.


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Attolini is a synonym of Naples’ tailoring tradition all around the world. In the past as nowadays, three generations since 1930, it forges exclusive elegance and craftsmanship. Uncompromised expression, of an absolute quality, unique culture based on knowhow, untimely personalisation and charm.

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