Lucio Liguori

For our Spring-Summer 2017 style report, we set part of the photo story in the places that have given life to the art of this extraordinary Master potter from Campania.

A native of Vietri sul Mare ‒ an enchanting and authentic town in the Gulf of Salerno, considered the gateway to the mythical Amalfi Coast ‒ Lucio Liguori is one of the most prestigious Master potters from one of the most famous artisanal traditions in the country.

At the age of just 12, he began to frequent some of Vietri’s many pottery workshops, driven by his fascination with the “craft” and desire to learn all its secrets.“I have always lived and breathed this art… there are few traditional Italian crafts left, but fortunately the Vietri school is one that has remained”, says Master Liguori passionately.


At 16 he decided to start his own business. He bought a turntable and began to work the clay in his small workshop, just a stone’s throw from his home, creating plain vases which he then sold on to the potters of Vietri, becoming a real point of reference in vase making.

In the meantime, the young Lucio finished his school education, graduating from the Artistic high school in Salerno. This was when he decided to buy his own kiln so he could finally decorate his creations, firing the simple clay vases and transforming them into Majolica.


Following the simple early twentieth century style of decoration, when everyday and functional objects were made unique with splashes of painted colour rich in spirit and soul, Master Liguori invented his very own exclusive, distinctive style, different from the Vietri tradition, by reinterpreting shapes and colours and making one-off pieces. Over the years, critical acclaim sealed his international success, and his marvellous workshop in Raito with its romantic view was visited by the many admirers of his art from all over the world.

“Today, inspired by the decorations of Bourbon Neapolitan porcelain ‒ in fact, the Bourbon decorators from Naples used to travel to Vietri to paint tiles ‒ I plan to travel that road in the opposite direction, taking my technique to Naples and decorating porcelain with Vietri colours and glazes, working it on the turntable, in a decidedly alternative and complex process” he tells us, again visibly enthused.

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